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'ABX' - aka London-based producer and DJ Andy Bury is a man of many aliases throughout a multitude of genres. Having amassed a glowing catalogue of tracks to his name, Andy has been responsible for creating many anthemic club moments spanning over the past two decades which continue to gain support from some of the worlds biggest DJs ranging from Tiësto through to Fatboy Slim, with many of his productions having featured on countless compilations- including albums from club super-brands such as Ministry Of Sound, Gatecrasher, GodsKitchen and Cream.
His DJ career has also seen him spin for some of the biggest clubs and parties throughout every corner of the globe, as well as regular appearances at select London venues.

Starting out as a pirate radio DJ in '89 spinnin house, hip-hop and soul, his recording career began as part of the group 'Space Kittens' - debuting with the 1995 club hit 'Storm' on Hooj Choons which shortly followed with a series of high profile remixes.
By the early noughties Andy went on to enjoy worldwide success producing and DJing as one half of legendary prog-trance duo 'Solarstone' after breaking the top 40 with the classic 'Seven Cities' along with a top 10 remix of Planet Perfecto 'Bullet In A Gun' and a gold-selling 'Euphoria' compilation album.

Since his artistic departure from the trance scene in 2007 Andy has continued success with Starjackers (with both debut and follow-up singles achieving no.1 in many download sales charts) and remixed for mainstream artists such as Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Muse. Keeping his finger on the pulse he also works with a variety of cutting edge labels and artists, including legendary 'peoples DJ' Micky Slim - co-running the electro-house label 'Bomb Squad'. Staying true to his prog-trance roots he also continues to act as head for Deepblue Records -the highly respected EDM label which he co-founded in 1999.

At time of writing his latest Starjackers track (together with long-term collaborator Dom Bud) 'Something Happening' has been supported by Fatboy Slim as being "one of the big tunes of the year!".
Future projects include a new track with 'Queen of House' Tara McDonald for Ministry Of Sound/Hed Kandi... plus a plethora of hot new tunes with fellow-London-Ibiza producer Dan McKie on their uber-cool 'HotFridge' label, as well as some stellar productions with Richie Kayvan (VADA, Dogzilla) as 'Static Shock'.



- How did the name ABX come about?

The 'AB' bit is my initials and I guess the 'X' represents the versatile and occasionally mysterious side. Plus a lot of people couldn't pronounce or spell my surname (For the record it's 'Bury' as in rhymes with 'Cherry' - NOT 'McFlurry' or 'Fury'). Looks pretty cool too :)

- Why so many aliases?

Various reasons - Partly depending on what project I'm doing on and who I'm working with at the time. Sometimes to keep the identity low-key so it doesn't give people preconceived ideas. Originally it was due to contractual reasons with different record labels.
Nowadays I'll be trying to focus on putting the ABX stamp on most things as the project aliases have got a bit fragmented and it's hard to build up any real momentum with lots of different names.

- What's your studio setup like?

Quite minimal nowadays compared to how it used to be - Currently just a iMac with a pair of Mackie HR and Yamaha monitors running Logic and Ableton ... which is sometimes all you really need.
Outboard wise I still have my (beloved) Roland Juno 106, Microkorg, Yamaha DX, Korg Volcas, a rack-full of fx and a Roland TR707 drum machine (Not much use in a track but still great fun and that's what it's all about!). Any recordings or mixdowns usually get finalised at Apollo 440s studio.

- What was the reason for leaving Solarstone? Do you still speak to your ex-partner?

I just felt I'd gone as far as I could go in the scene and it was time to move on. I'd done some great stuff which I was very proud of but wanted to focus on other projects and was more inspired by other genres. Maybe I'd become a house producer trapped in the body of a trance artist :) ...and no, I haven't personally seen or spoken to my ex-partner for a few years. That's it really.


Andy Bury - Video Promo

Rude Mover Ft Miss Amberlie
Love Shock
Starjackers Remix

Produced by : Andy Bury / Dom Bud
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